“Where there is no DREAM, the people perish.”
– King Solomon, Book of Wisdom (Proverbs, Bible) –

How Life Design helps us WAKE & REBIRTH

Maybe you’re successful, enough. You accomplish your goals… pretty much. Your business and/or job(s) bring in decent, even great money. You can afford to live a little, and can always use a line of credit if you decide to go a little over and beyond. If you look at yourself, for the most part, you have things pretty sorted (or not). It’s a little bit bumpy, but your connection with friends, family and loved ones are getting to a place where you feel like you can start to feel more yourself (but somehow not completely). You’re starting out new ventures, and building new habits. Sometimes you gain extra-ordinary results. Maybe you consider yourself one of the New Rich.

Yet, do you really feel that all of these life experiences have translated you into an extra-ordinary DREAM life?

Yes, you have been checking things off of that ‘life list’ that you were sold as a kid.

But doesn’t that beg the question WHY even when you do hit your goals, get that job, make that sale, finish that project, build that house, or start that family… does it actually never seem quite enough?

As if to say, “That’s great…but now what?”

Is it possible that there is a piece missing that you have yet to discover? Perhaps finding glimpses of the DREAM, but not fully living it…yet?

Your DREAM is the foundation upon which all your thoughts, intents, and actions are built on.

Your LIFE is your DREAM in action.

Your BRAND (your life’s work) is an extension of your DREAM LIFE.

All things are both a reflection and manifestation of your DREAM.

Taking control of your DREAM & getting in sync with WHO you are inside the universe (finding a DREAM that is in alignment with the core of nature itself) will take you to a place of satisfaction, fulfillment, and zero regret.

Not doing this will leave you arriving in a lonely place someday wondering, why… what if… and if only…

We go through the educational systems at large in our society for 10, sometimes 20+ years…

But do we ever learn how to actually design our DREAM life, build our DREAM brand around our biggest passion, and wake up inside our DREAM to discover ourselves as we were truly were born to be…

Could it be one of life’s biggest risks NOT to invest the serious time, energy & resources in designing & creating our DREAM life before anything else?

Shouldn’t this be our first priority?

But that’s precisely what we’ve been doing here at WISE SERPENT DREAM

We understand, that the DREAM is all you start with, and it is all that you are given. It is all that you end up with, and it is with you until the very end.

And I’ll tell you a secret:

It’s never what you have, or what you do that makes for a DREAM life… it’s WHO you are that possesses what you have, and what you do, that makes a DREAM life.

This is what is refered to as a DREAM identity.

DREAM identity in your waking life is who you default to believing yourself to be when you are not consciously thinking.

The latest cognitive research tells us that unconscious behaviour accounts for up to 95% of our daily lives.

You are already living your DREAM, and it’s a choice to design a better one.

We have all been given the gift of grace to consciously decide the type of person we want to be, the type of action we want to take, and how we want to leave our stamp on the world.

That’s what we are supposed to do with the other 5%.

We’ve been given the gift to DREAM.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to get really serious about the fun of DREAM design, before it’s too late.

At WISE SERPENT DREAM, it’s in our DNA. It’s why we exist.

It’s WHO we are.

It’s no mistake that the person literally writing these words is called GRACE LION-HUNTER.

A name uncommon amongst the people.

People come to WISE SERPENT DREAM to get out of their own heads, to seek advice from another way of being, and discover WHO they are in their hearts, from a person who’s really living it and has become something different.

Not just different. But some ONE with substance. That’s because I found my DREAM.

If people find that, then they can create a DREAM life and a DREAM Brand they are really proud of.

Sure, anyone can change their name. But have they actually become a new person? Can they live a new life, and build a new brand? Can they rebirth?

A Life and Brand that is an extension of their very core identity.

Not just exploring why they are here, but WHO they are while they are here.

We’ll get into what DNA stands for a little bit later on, and why WHO you are is really at the core of DREAM Design.

At WISE SERPENT, we know our calling, and refer to the whole DREAM design process: ‘THE ART OF REBIRTH’.

And do we think we have arrived at some magical destination?


Well… yes, and no.

As the founder, I can say that I have only just begun on the journey…and really, I will never fully arrive, and yet, I AM currently & consciously living in my DREAM, now, and have been for quite some time.

I can say from experience, it is a different state of consciousness. I’d be lying if I were to say that I wasn’t a different person from whom started on the ART OF REBIRTH spiritual development path (on purpose) about 10 years ago.

The DREAM is not something that is merely projected into the future and always just out of reach (although seeing & reaching forward is all part of the fun). We have actually found a way to reverse-engineer the future into the now, to enjoy all it’s benefits, without the lag of time & space.

Has WISE SERPENT DREAM reinvented the wheel or created something new?


The wisdom is the same, but the terminology (how we communicate this wisdom) is new.

These answers & solutions are the very wisdom found at the cornerstone of any great man, woman or movement.

These secrets have been handed down from generation to generation, and all of nature shouts to us the same message, whether we can hear the call or not.

This wisdom is what entire religions were built upon but many have gone astray.

Trading doctrine for revelation. And tradition for spontaneous ritual.

Bono (U2) perhaps said it best when he said that, “Religion is what you’re left with when the spirit leaves the building.”

So what is being described here is a little like that.

Many have lost their magic.

Yes it’s true, many have lost their magic: their own DREAM, and are too busy trying to live some dead guy’s version of it.

I have been there, and I have done that.

But there is another way.

At WISE SERPENT DREAM we understand you’ve tried a lot of different things. And we get it.

You probably think we are really wanting to just take in money from well-meaning people for merely talking about spiritual BS that they can’t really prove or disprove.

Selling a pipe dream (or… snake oil?)

Or even starting a cult.

Sure, we do have a unique way of sharing our discoveries and we are continuing to build a certain type of CULT-ure here at WISE SERPENT DREAM.

Hell, we even tell people that WISE SERPENT isn’t just a Music label, Arthouse, or Consulting Agency, we tell them it’s a mind-altering cult if they dare to ask.

But we all have our cults.

We all have our cultures.

At WISE SERPENT our culture is engrained in our DREAM to live freely, with freedom of speech, without the old baggage.

To live an old life in a new way.

To give shunned words new meaning.

To breathe life into old bones.

A way of fulfilment, that includes transformative growth.

We want to shed skins of the past, to embrace and create the new.

But with all that being said, the question remains: when you buy a strategic solution from WISE SERPENT DREAM, are we just selling you a pipe dream?

Well luckily you don’t have to guess. You can just ask our peers or our clients.

It’s also important to realise that, when you start a business, you have to really think deep and hard about what your unique VALUE (currency) is that you can bring to the marketplace.

What skillset and/or specialized knowledge formed from life experience can you can bring forward with the belief you not only could be best in your field, but you can see clearly what sets you apart… bottom line, does your solution bring you and your clients a sense of fulfillment?

As it turns out, from our perspective, DREAM Design is simply what overwhelmingly has the most VALUE (currency) to offer to the world at this time.

And it’s something we truly believe we can do better than anyone else.

It is the one thing that can change someone’s life, and have that life change their whole sphere of influence around them.

So, do we sell beautiful digital creations, new-world branding & marketing solutions, ideas, or even self-improvement?

Yes. But not primarily.

Primarily, we sell a DREAM.

But not just any DREAM.

It’s a DREAM you can actually live in.

And guess what?

It’s your DREAM, not ours.

Your DREAM life.

Your DREAM brand.

Your DREAM ‘you’.

We just help our clients connect the dots, to find what was missing that was standing right before them the whole time, they just didn’t recognize what was there.

We help our clients take their power back and feel alive again.

To be passionate about everything they are involved in, and to do good in the world.

Whether it is for something business-related, relationship related, spiritually or self-improvement related.

At WISE SERPENT DREAM, we live inside the DREAM realm and can help you unlock your potential to gain an unfair advantage in the market place, come to deal with past trauma, regain confidence, rebuild or start new relationships, or get in touch with who you really are and what your deepest purpose is…

It’s all waiting for you inside your own unique DNA: Your DREAM NAME (YOUR DREAM IDENTITY) ACCESSED.

Remember that secret?

*It’s WHO you are, not what you do or what you have that determines whether you a fulfilling DREAM or not.*

You have heard it before:


It really is the Master key.

And of course, WHO you are directly translates into your branding, business, marketing, and self-development efforts also.

WISE SERPENT DREAM clients access their key identity that unlocks and releases the innate genius potential that is already there inside of them, so they can live in their DREAM sooner, bringing their future into the now.

It’s been too long wandering in the wilderness… It’s time to enter the promised land.

It’s time to wake up to a new DREAM & REBIRTH a new you.


“Where there is no DREAM, the people perish.”
– King Solomon, Book of Wisdom (Proverbs)

WAKE, O sleeper, rise up from the dead, and X will shine on you. Pay careful attention, then, to how you walk, not as unwise but as wise…”
– Apostle Paul, Book of Ephesians

“A wise man builds his life upon a rock.”
– Jesus X, Gospel of Matthew

“Be as wise as serpents, and as innocent as doves.”
– Jesus X, Gospel of Matthew


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