Zen-Inspired, Hand-Crafted, Profitable Digital Creations for Personal Brands, Icons, Global Identities.

Hand-Designed Web Creation
World-Class Minimalist Design:

a +Zen-Inspired Web Fulfillment Agency.

Minimalist > Brand & Business Creation
Zen > Web + Symbol Design
Virtual > Media / Content Creation

Specializing in Personal Branding, Global Identity + Online Reputation for Top Talent, Emerging Talent, Independents, Top / Emerging Brands & World Leaders, (+ ideally you and your brand have a spiritual outlook. But we don’t mind if you don’t. We see people, businesses, and brands on a case by case basis).




We build Hand-Crafted (custom, ‘Disruptive’ + ‘Zen’ design styled) Websites & Global Trading Floors. Including 5, 6, 7 & 8 figure digital Asset Builds that are reverse-engineered to succeed at your desired global capacity within this new-world digital market.

PROCESS: The Art of Rebirth

Everything we do is strategic, built out with the big picture end in mind. You want to get this right from the start. We don’t assume anything, we test everything. We don’t scale your online asset until we have proven it’s success in the marketplace as a MVP. We are Personal, Global & Micro Branding specialists.

We use personality tests for your Brand. We engage wisdom (a high-level, solution based thought stream + the ‘throwing of the mind’, a spiritual practice & brain-body hack that unlocks extreme creative flow states) to help build your creation in a more creative & dynamic way. This will be your vision (your dream) come to life. First mentally, then digitally… then everything you need will land physically. Because you would have built leverage.

We are always thinking long-term & aren’t in a rush. We have a Holistic approach and a spiritual perspective on business design and workflow. We run this part time and therefore only work with a handful of clients each year. And, we aren’t cheap.

If you wish to work with us, please consult with us first at WISE SERPENT DREAM. We work with you as an individual first to discover what it is you are truly searching for and what solution is right for you. As we said, we don’t want to assume anything. Although we are positioned in the entertainment industry + spirituality industry, we can work across any industry.

So get in touch.

Full Brand creation starts at $50k and our custom Web creations are typically $100k and above. Although we do street deals for local kids & family business from time to time. We also have a heart for young artists, hence our AUSTRALIAN Youth Program WISE SERPENT DRAGON (free services for 15-25 year olds who earn under 6-figures).


Custom Hand-Crafted Creations (complete brand design, web design, online brand/business setup)

Spiritual & Primal Branding

New-World Wealth Creation (online business & digital sales)

Global Identity

New-World Symbol (Logo) Creation

Evergreen Live Events Creation

Online Reputation Creation

Online Architecture Creation

Online Infrastructure Creation

Story Featured Site Creation

Interactive Site Creation

3D world site Creation

Viral Loop Creation

Game-Based Site Creation

Avatar-Based Site Creation

End-to-End Digital Sales System Creation

Branded Apps Creation

Digital Kingdom (Multiple Asset) Creation

Distribution & Content Creation

Short Films, Adverts & Brand Trailers (Creation)

Multi-Dimensional UX Creation

Transformative Client Experience Creation

Digital Cloning + Avatar Integration

Branding & Re-Branding

Brand & Marketing Alignment

Micro-Branding & MVP Creation

Legacy New-World Brand/Business Creation (Create your own Legacy Brand through a city of sites, brands & micro-brands/products that all consolidate into one Global Brand that is in alignment with your True North). ^This is the digital asset that can even outlive you to yield passive generational wealth for your family (if you wish to design it that way). This is how you can clone yourself either anonymously or publicly for the benefit of future generations + give back to the world simply by following your passion.

Current Rates*

Online Audit | $10K

Brand Design | $50k+

Web Creations | $200k+

Custom Digital Creation | Get in Touch

Mind Matters

How did we get so good at what we do?

Over 10+ years of Private Research & Practice within Spirituality, Religion, Self Development, Entertainment, Personal Branding, Sonic Branding, Global Identities, Entities & Brands, Sponsorship Deals, National Touring, World (thought) Leadership, Grass Roots Mindset, Winners Mindset, Spiritual Encounters, Mental and Physical Health, Neuroplasticity, Business Design, Lifestyle Design, Online Reputation and Futuristic Design.

Our greatest asset is our mind.

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