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^ Grace [far left] with fan & band members

Grace Lion-Hunter is a Kingdom Strategist, Spiritual Artist, Christ Magician, Sonic Therapist, Visionary / Life Designer, Personal + Brand Advisor & Digital Marketing Expert. He builds out-of-the-box, new-world, underground brands for both fun & function + has helped individuals locally & around the globe with artistic, personal & spiritual development since soft-launching WISE SERPENT MINISTRIES in 2015-16. 

Fast forward to today, the brand has grown into multiple heads and levels of engagement (micro-brands), all consolidated under one dream (the WISE SERPENT GROUP) commonly known as WISE SERPENT. Grace’s official title is Minister of the Arts, consolidating the many roles & functions of a modern day spiritual creative.

Backed with a longterm Vision to help lower the youth suicide rates in Australia via the dream agency – WISE SERPENT DREAM (wiseserpentdream.com) – Grace continues to document an exploration into the #artofrebirth through Music, Art, and Wisdom…sharing stories of Hope and Transformation to the Aus youth & beyond.

Still in it’s pre-launch infancy, WISE SERPENT is looking at an 11/11/2022 official launch party date, where the brand will first open it’s doors fully to the public via a 3-Day Music-Art-Wisdom Festival (WISE SERPENT FEST), with Grace in the meantime offering underground street deals, micro-offerings, masterclasses & pre-launch 1-on-1 consulting services exclusively through the dream agency, WISE SERPENT DREAM, as well as piloting it’s free youth mentorship program (DRAGON) for top & emerging young Australian talent.

December, 2020 Update (AUS Government give Wise Serpent $15k): After a few weeks of negotiations & paperwork now complete, the government have notified us that they will be supplying approx. $15k towards the development of the WISE SERPENT GROUP over the next 12 months (2020-2021) via the NEIS scheme.

2021 Update (join the Dream Team): We are currently offering generous profit share from $50-$5k for successful referral partners, affiliates and promoters who share our free offerings with our target audience. For more info click here


^Warning: Although some of the above testimonials/comments shown in the Spiritual Development (Christian Mysticism) sections of the video may (or not be) shocking (as they are not typically covered with much validity in mainstream western society), this is a transparent documentation of ABUNDANT LIFE (PEACE) & the ‘throwing of the mind’ also documented in ancient mystical Christian texts (known as states of ‘Ekstasis’… Or ‘Mind in Ecstasy’… The Apostle Paul spoke of these openly in his recorded letters to the early church). States of mental clarity and bodily manifestations (holistic health) have been recorded in the past and is what we are also seeing recorded here, via the Spiritual Art Practice of Christian-Based Sonic Therapy. Grace was born into the Christian Faith from birth & comes from a long line of Christian Mystics spanning over 300 years of life experience in recent times (himself, his parents, and all his grandparents being of the same faith). His Grandfather distributed original music & Christian teachings for decades internationally via his own label & under his own personal brand ‘UNCLE TOM’. He also defended himself in court and won the right to sit out the fight in the world war, electing instead for World Peace. ‘Uncle Tom’ was one of Grace’s biggest influencers growing up & perhaps unlocked much creative DNA from an early age. Grace received ‘The Harp of Tom’ (which had been played for many decades & on hundreds of original ‘Uncle Tom’ songs) as part of his Grandfather’s Last Will & Testament when he passed over in his 92nd year (RIP). All music on the above video (all instruments played + vocals) written, performed & produced by Grace Lion-Hunter (j3ZOZ), descendant of Tom.

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“The Prototype for This Generation.” 

Jeff Jansen [Global Fire Ministries, USA]

“One of Adelaide’s Greatest Singer-Songwriters…”

Radio Adelaide [Australia]

“A Voice like a fucking angel…” 

DB Magazine [Australia]

“Australia’s version of Russell Brand.” 

Dan Jones [Seraphs Coal + Beaver + Symbolo.gy]

“Insane guitar work.” 

DB Magazine [Australia]

“Right now this is my favorite album…”

Kris Crummett [U.S. Producer @Rise Records]

“All the best features of prog rock, with none of the wankery. Fantastic song-writing and delivery…”

[Come Back, Stereolab]

“Have been listening on repeat for a few hours… I’ve loved so much of your work to date, but these songs grab me more than anything I’ve heard you do before… You have an incredible talent…”

Matthew Wright [Frontman @TheGetawayPlan]

“I did the Video walk-through & it was great! Couldn’t recommend you enough… Thanks for the great work setting up my site.”

Jim Kokotis [Prophetic Songwriter]

“Grace Lion-Hunter is a friend. Thank you for being our Master Artist in Residence & helping out around the studio with your professional artist support & killer vibe.”

Paul Dangerfield [Producer @DaleStreetStudios]

“That gig at the Metro blew me away, it was like Mogwai, Helmet, The Flaming Lips and Bowie were having a reunion in your face…” 

Tim Standing [Director @DayLightBreaks]

“I found our work on performance, recording and branding to be very helpful. I appreciate your attention to detail and your holistic approach with the Wim Hof method. I’ll certainly apply what we worked on in my life going forward.” 


“Hey dude, just wanted to let you know that I’ve found my path… I’m on the right track to my destiny – I’m sure of it. I’m more alive than I have ever felt before. Thank you, I feel so blessed that I got to meet you. You’re an incredible soul & you’re doing great things!”

Jessica Paige [Wilderness Society]

More Testimonials Below

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^ Grace [j3ZOZ] promo shot @ Dale Street Studios, 2015

Grace has:

Been a successful Arts SA Government Grant recipient in Australia, his band receiving $5k from the state government to go directly towards the production and marketing of their debut album, ‘Desert Mouth’.

Been a successful applicant for the Australian NEIS program, receiving $15k from the federal government to kick-start WISE SERPENT DREAM.

Worked alongside U.S. Producer, Kris Crummett.

Built a sonic brand where labels came to him
[including a major] without any management, booking agents, and without a publicist.

Been approached directly by bands to write for them.

Been approached directly by bands & agents to tour with either them or their clients (invites for both national & international tours).

Been approached directly by individuals to coach/mentor/minister/advise them one-on-one across multiple disciplines including spirituality [Christian Mysticism], lifestyle design, business/marketing strategy, music and strategic brand development.

Worked as a live-in studio musician/producer & engineer at Dale Street Studios.

Played for iconic Adelaide bands: Embodiment 12:14 [guitars/vocals] + Secrets in Scale & Electric Jesus [songwriter/frontman].

Currently: Producer, Writer, Front-Man in J3ZOZ & The Dark Cloud of His Presence.

Performed at the world renowned Clipsal 500.

Toured Australia with US metal giants Killswitch Engage & Anthrax.

Toured Australia with The Getaway Plan, Closure in Moscow & Tonight Alive.

Played drums with jazz sensation James Morrison.

Supplied local support shows for Birds of Tokyo, Something with Numbers, Trial Kennedy, Atreyu, As I Lay Dying, I Killed The Prom Queen.

Sponsored by VANS shoes at 19 years of age.

Invited by Dale Street Studios [Port Adelaide] to be their ‘Artist in Residence’ & all-round studio right-hand man 2013-2015.

Studied and bailed at the Adelaide Conservatorium of Music.

Studied and bailed at Australian Institute of Music in Sydney.

Undergone an Inner-Circle mastermind with
Kyle Tully at Consulting Tycoon.

Absorbed & applied training from business & marketing experts for 10+ years (including Rich Schefren, Russell Brunson, Mike Filsaime, Mike Koenigs, Tony Robbins, Mike Dillard, Gary Vaynerchuk).

Absorbed & applied training from spiritual masters for 30+ years (multiple traditions, primarily within the spheres of Christian Mysticism).

Ran an underground entertainment ministry since 2015.

Legally changed name to Grace Lion-Hunter in 2018.

Experienced in mentoring adults, teens & children.

Received Letters of Support – for previous projects – from Music SA, Scorpion Entertainment, Kris Crummett (Interlace Studios), Kyle Tully (consultingtycoon.com), Chris DeCinque & Micheal Barrett (Closure in Moscow on behalf of Equal Vision Records), Matthew Wright (The Getaway Plan) + more.

30+ years music experience.

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^ Grace airborne @ Clipsal 500 main stage, 2012
^ Grace [left] headlining @ Adelaide Uni Bar, 2011 in his band Secrets in Scale
^ Grace [seated] Post-show Coheed & Cambria tour w/ Closure in Moscow, 2016

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Based in Adelaide, South Australia.

^ Wise Serpent Adelaide City Office
(Level 24, 91 King William Street)


– Grace Lion-Hunter –
Minister of the Arts

Spiritual Artist
Sonic Therapist

[Founder of the Wise Serpent Group]

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