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Underground TV network.

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An Underground TV network with The Daily Serpent Vlog coming soon, as well as side projects, collabs, shows, teachings & playlists all around MUSIC, ART, WISDOM.

WISE SERPENT Members-Only Music & Dark Arts Underground Media Outlet.

Behind-The-Scenes, Local outtakes + Extended #ArtofRebirth Conversations around Music, Art & Wisdom. Expect Riffs, Rants + Some of the best underground content this side of the web, hosted on a multi-dimensional blog-turned-magazine.

₩≌⋔ is now open to the public (Free for the first 1000 members).

Digital Art Exhibition.

Part Song, part Meditation & part Dream Diary.
Think MTV + [Adult Swim] X Waking Life in an underground mobile-videography.

Explore the #ArtofRebirth through micro films & artist studies in Grace Lion-Hunter’s experimental 80-year long major art & life project
“The Art of Rebirth: a daily ritual + Artistic take on Awakening.”

*Season #1 screens for 17 years, with digital art pieces from Oct 9 2020 through to 2037*